Jeff Dezen Public Relations

We are an agency with a collaborative approach, a commitment to excellence, and measurable results.

JDPR is a marketing communications firm based in Greenville, SC, specializing in strategic planning, media relations, digital marketing, messaging, advertising, branding and demonstrable ROI.

Since 1991, JDPR has had one standard: to exceed the expectations of our clients. We measure success by the impact we have in helping our clients accomplish their marketing goals.

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Case Studies

KRESS North America: Developing an Influencer Program

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Verizon Logo

Verizon: Establishing a brand’s position

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Bridgestone Logo

Bridgestone Golf: Differentiating a brand

Educating consumers about the importance of choosing a golf ball based on swing characteristics rather than what is most popular on Tour.

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Volition America: Growing a Brand Through Social Media

Growing brand awareness and honing brand voice through social media.

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