Worx: New Product Introduction

The Client’s Goal

As long-time leaders in battery-powered equipment and robotics, Worx was eager to get the next innovation in robotic mowing in front of their customers. The LANDROID Vision uses AI technology to analyze frame-by-frame images to recognize its surroundings, requiring no boundary wire or complicated install.

To launch the innovative new product, Worx invited JDPR to help launch the new robotic mower with the gift of sight at the largest consumer electronics show in the world, CES in Las Vegas.


  • Launch the new Worx LANDROID Vision robotic mower in a variety of media channels.
  • Introduce the new Worx LANDROID Vision robotic mower at CES.
  • Position Worx as leading the charge in innovation and functionality for residential robotic mowing.


  • Spotlight LANDROID Vision on relevant national news broadcasts in on-air segments.
  • Conduct a 30-minute Keynote presentation on CES Media Day for registered media only.
  • Participate in the ‘Pepcom Digital Experience!’, the official media-only preview of what’s new at CES. ‘Pepcom Digital Experience!’ includes a table for presentation and media appointments as well as a three-minute presentation with Pepcom’s host.
  • Feature LANDROID Vision at ShowStoppers Media Event, a breakout event where top-tier industry media can engage with the product.
  • Target high-level media - traditional, digital and influencers - for in-booth media appointments and interactions.
  • Host in-booth product presentations at least two times daily.
  • Feature LANDROID Vision in the CES Show Daily print magazine and show guide, including half-page ads and detailed product spotlight.
  • Distribute news release with full details about the product.

The Impact

  • Secured over 310 million editorial impressions in just two weeks.
  • Earned more than 220 editorial media hits including product spotlights and reviews, brand and category-focused coverage and multiple “Top Products” awards.
  • JDPR delivered a 63:1 return-on-investment (based on ad rate values in proportion to budgeted PR fees).