Jeff Dezen Public Relations (JDPR) celebrates 30 years as leading corporate communications agency, focuses on future growth

The Greenville, SC-based PR agency prepares to usher in new generation of leadership

GREENVILLE, SC – Jeff Dezen Public Relations (JDPR) is celebrating its 30th anniversary as one of the Upstate’s leading corporate communications agencies, specializing in strategic public relations, media relations, social media and digital strategy. Since 1991, Greenville, SC-based JDPR has supported an impressive roster of local, regional and national brands, which includes Bridgestone Golf, BringFido, Clemson Downs, Newell Rubbermaid/IRWIN Tools, and Verizon.

“We have been fortunate to build our reputation as an industry-leading corporate communications agency based on relationships with our clients,” said Jeff Dezen, president and founder of JDPR. “Whether we’re working with local community partners or national household brands, our approach is always the same. We build trust with our clients based on our credentials and ability to immerse in their business as part of their strategic planning team, and then we deliver on our promise to focus on success and exceed expectations.”

Dezen launched JDPR in 1991, building on career experiences as a college professor, non-profit marketing director and PR Group Chief at two different ad agencies. JDPR was founded with a vision to be a PR boutique focused on best-in-class ideas and unsurpassed client services. For 30 years, JDPR has specialized in strategic public relations planning, program development and demonstrable ROI for an impressive portfolio of clients. JDPR currently serves clients in telecommunications, sports, building materials and tools, hospitality, service sectors and retail.

“There are many reasons JDPR has prospered over the last 30 years. Most importantly are trust and consistency over the long term,” said Dan Murphy, president and CEO of Bridgestone Golf. “I’ve done business with JDPR over 20 years and hired them at four different businesses. Each time they dug deep into our business and helped us overcome our challenges. The bottom line is they are problem solvers and that sets them apart from other agencies.” 

Celebrating the past, planning for the future

As JDPR reflects on 30 years, the company is also planning for the future, with a relocation of the office in the works and a leadership transition in process. Drew Dezen, currently the Development Director at the agency and son of Jeff Dezen, is stepping into the primary agency leadership role as he prepares to build on the company’s legacy and lead JDPR into the future.

“We are proud to celebrate the history of JDPR, and all of the wonderful relationships we’ve shared in our first 30 years. We’re equally excited as we look ahead to the future. The industry continues to evolve, and we are well poised to leverage the latest communications strategies to serve our clients,” said Drew Dezen. “Personally, I look forward to taking JDPR into its next chapter!”

To mark this milestone, JDPR recently refreshed the agency’s website with a redesign highlighting the agency’s success stories. For more information about JDPR, visit


Media contact: Wendy Henry | (864) 233-3776, Ext. 17 | wendyh@jdpr.comAbout JDPR: Established in 1991 and headquartered in Greenville, SC, JDPR is a full-service marketing communications consulting agency specializing in public relations strategies. The firm provides public relations strategic planning, creative idea-generation and program development and implementation for regional and national accounts. For more information about JDPR, visit