Hermosa Beach, Calif. (14 August 2014) — What’s next for Wood Underwear? The brand, working hard to eliminate ugly, uncomfortable men’s underwear, has unveiled its Spring 2015 collection: the “Striate” line, inspired by—you guessed it—wood. Like the intriguing rings of a tree’s cross-section, the new collection’s styles feature stunning stripes and captivating colors that guys will want to show off—and their ladies will love them, too.

“We took a classic pattern—stripes—and put a Wood spin on it,” says Terresa Zimmerman, founder of Wood Underwear. “Think tree rings: lines of varying shades and widths—real fashion detail and ‘pow’ in styling, combined with Wood’s hallmark comfort! The patterns and colors speak to every man and every experience, whether he’s heading in from a long day of surfing, hitting the slopes for some snowboarding or simply going out for a night on the town.”

The Striate collection of underwear will be available in four custom stripe-and-color families: orange, midnight, purple and aqua. Each features four updated underwear styles with a seamless continuous print, made possible by eliminating the underwear’s side seams. Another plus: no side seams means maximum comfort. The ultra-soft and eco-friendly Lenzing Tencel (eucalyptus) blend washes and wears just like cotton, but also has added moisture-, microbial-, and thermo-control properties.

The Striate collection, now available for ‘sneak-peeks’ to the fashion trade, will be available February 1, 2015 at $28.00 MSRP for all men who appreciate great underwear.


About Wood Underwear
Wood Underwear. Underwear for men. Our goal is to make and market great everyday underwear for men. You deserve it. Wood Underwear should give you the comfort to do all you want to do. Knowing you look good doing it. Great materials. Amazing fit. Great value. Try it. Wood is good. Founded in 2012 in Hermosa Beach, California, by Terresa Zimmerman. Wood Underwear supports causes that promote active outdoor lifestyles. woodunderwear.com