John Warren, CEO of Lima One Capital, relates his experience as a Marine infantry officer in the Iraq War to ongoing threats in the Middle East.

ATLANTA, Ga. — John Warren, a former Marine infantry officer who battled the insurgency in Ramadi, Iraq in 2006, addressed the Atlanta chapter of the Business Executives for National Security (BENS) luncheon yesterday at the Capital City Club. Warren, who drew on his battlefield experiences, delivered a speech entitled Modern Warfare: Fighting a Counter-insurgency in Ramadi, Iraq and Lessons Learned for U.S. Foreign Policy.

In his talk, Warren provided an accurate description of the origination and complexity of the Sunni insurgency and described the vital counter-insurgency tactics carried out in Ramadi by Lima Company. He discussed key lessons learned and applied them to ISIS and other current threats in the Middle East.

“The lessons learned in fighting the Sunni and Al Qaeda insurgency in Ramadi in 2006, are directly applicable to today’s struggle against ISIS and other insurgent groups in Iraq and Syria,” said Warren during his remarks. “It greatly concerns me that most of our key U.S. foreign policy leaders fail to truly understand the roots of the insurgency, the strategy and tactics necessary to defeat it, and commitment necessary to sustain the hard-fought victory.”

Warren’s company, Lima One Capital, continues to rely heavily on a sound and secure digital network as they have processed over $50 million in hard money loans for residential real estate investors in the past 12 months. Warren’s company owns 70 percent share of the hard money market in the Atlanta Metro and provides a loan product that offers significant advantages over traditional bank loans. Lima One Capital currently operates in eleven states and the District of Columbia and is expanding to additional markets during the remainder of 2014.

BENS supports the U.S. government by applying best practices of the private sector – innovation, ingenuity and efficiency – to craft solutions to the most difficult and complex national security challenges.


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