Verizon: Raising awareness of emerging Internet-of-Things solutions.

The Client’s Goal

Machine-to-machine (M2M)/Internet-of-Things (IoT) is a key driver of Verizon’s growth and profitability, and the speed of the 4G LTE and 5G networks has given rise to M2M solutions that require hyper-fast network speeds. Verizon asked JDPR to achieve media interest in M2M technology to boost awareness and sales and to communicate that Verizon is more than simply a phone company.


  • Tell the story of M2M, showing ways that these technologies change the way that businesses operate by automating processes that previously had to be performed by staff.
  • Link PR services to sales and leads through a deliberate approach to target key corporate influencers and decision makers through vertical media, business journals and general media.


  • Create a “newsroom” culture where the B2B sales team and JDPR work hand-in-hand to identify newsworthy sales in a timely fashion.
  • Collaborate with sales team members to develop each story and gain necessary approvals for media outreach from the end-use customer.
  • Educate key members of the media on ways M2M transforms the places we live, work and commute on a variety of industries.
  • Use press releases, pitches and op-eds to cast Verizon as a technology company that does more than sell smartphones, and who is a leader in the M2M sphere.
  • Position Verizon as focused on the needs of its diverse B2B clients in delivering technology solutions that cut waste and build efficiencies. Ensure Verizon’s voice is one of “thought leadership” in the marketplace.

The Impact

  • Large-scale regional and national distribution of several M2M stories.
  • Increased awareness of the value of public relations in producing leads for the B2B sales team.
  • Positioned Verizon Wireless as a leader in M2M solutions for key members of the business and general media.