Green Charter Schools: Reaching enrollment targets and marketing a new campus

The Client’s Goal

GREEN Charter Schools – with campuses in Greenville, Spartanburg and Columbia, plus another under development in Charleston, SC — has established a solid reputation among parents, educators and The SC Charter District for providing quality education to children in grades 1 – 12 based on a curriculum that focuses on sustainability. GREEN Charter Schools asked JDPR to provide strategic marketing support to help them achieve student enrollment goals at each of the four campuses. JDPR developed a marketing program geared toward producing qualified leads who are parents of school-age children interested in enrolling their child at GREEN Charter Schools.


  • Achieve enrollment targets at each campus by driving qualified leads (local parents of school-age children) to a designated campaign landing page.
  • Raise awareness at campuses in their local markets once enrollment targeted were achieved.


  • Launched a designated landing page where qualified leads would visit after clicking on an online ad. Once there, leads could fill out a contact form, download an enrollment application or learn more about GREEN Charter School.
  • Google pay-per-click campaign that targeted local parents of school age children through specific keywords.
  • Facebook ad campaign that targeted parents of school-age children.
  • Over-the-top (OTT) streaming ad campaign to build brand awareness for campuses once they hit their enrollment goal.

The Impact

  • GREEN Charter Schools accomplished 160% of their enrollment goal, and gained 250,000 ad impressions over the three-month campaign.