Rebel Rabbit: Brand Positioning

The Client’s Goal

Rebel Rabbit burst onto the scene in 2021 and quickly became well known in the cannabis-infused seltzer market. Around their two-year anniversary, they partnered with JDPR to better position themselves as the top, trusted brand in alternative beverages. Primarily, they wanted to highlight the brand as the premier maker of specialty beverages and alcohol alternatives that promote relaxation.


  • Highlight the benefits of cannabis-infused high seltzers and educate target audiences about cannabis-related matters.
  • Tell the origin story of Rebel Rabbit and build trust in the Rebel Rabbit brand through the company’s rigorous product testing regimen.
  • “Own the Home Market” approach.
  • Tout partnerships with key distributors.
  • Highlight the benefits of the Rebel Rabbit lifestyle.


  • Built out key messaging for use in press releases, digital marketing initiatives, and FAQs, as well as crafted consistent talking points that highlighted the benefits of Rebel Rabbit High Seltzer.
  • Helped determine key markets and pitched the arrival and multipurpose use of Rebel Rabbit High Seltzer.
  • As an executive exposure initiative, told the brand story and highlighted the entrepreneurial journey to local, statewide and national business media.
  • Pitched media who appealed to target audiences by highlighting the emergence of cannabis-infused high seltzers, and helped educate them about matters of legality, availability, flavors, and dosing options.
  • Incorporated third-party testing data into key messages to highlight key differentiators.
  • Promoted new partnerships.
  • Demonstrated the ROI for small business owners to buy Rebel Rabbit wholesale and sell it to their customers.

The Impact

  • Raised awareness about Rebel Rabbit among B2B prospects such as restaurants and beverage retailers.
  • Expanded awareness of Rebel Rabbit locally and regionally, while introducing the brand into new key states.
  • Positioned both co-founders as thought leaders in the alternative beverage space.
  • Secured 54 media hits in nine months with an audience of over 1.5 million. This includes landing a cover story on Upstate Business Journal.