Bridgestone Golf: New Product Introductions

The Client’s Goal

Bridgestone Golf, the #1 Ball-Fitter in Golf, wanted to introduce a new visual technology (MINDSET) to improve the pre-shot routine by encouraging increased concentration and an improved mental approach while simultaneously introducing a new line of premium-priced Tour golf balls (TOUR B) played by world-famous athletes, including Tiger Woods, Jason Day and the like. Bridgestone needed to champion the new MINDSET technology while also advancing the introduction of the new TOUR B golf balls.


  • Introduce the new TOUR B lineup of premium golf balls with as much attention and fanfare as possible to encourage sell-through at Amazon, Dick’s and other significant retail outlets.
  • Introduce the new MINDSET technology with media assistance, positioning Bridgestone as bringing improving the printed golf ball.
  • Effectively and efficiently utilize partnerships with highly-paid endorsers, namely Tiger Woods and Jason Day.
  • Take advantage of the PGA Merchandise Show to engage media in person and offer opportunities to sample the product in real time.


  • Develop and execute a strategy in which press materials pertaining to the TOUR B golf balls are introduced just prior to the start of the PGA Merchandise Show (PGA Show), followed by the launch of MINDSET on the first day of the show.
  • Educate media members on the new MINDSET technology to ensure understanding of how the technology works and what it is designed to do.
  • Associate unique Tour Players with each new technology: Tiger Woods with the design and introduction of the new TOUR B golf ball; Jason Day with the MINDSET story.
  • Position Jason Day’s mental coach, Jason Goldsmith, as a subject matter expert to help explain and tell the story of the MINDSET technology to endemic media.
  • Engage as many endemic media members as possible at a key trade show for maximum impact and coverage.

The Impact

  • Created significant buzz at the PGA Merchandise Show, driving media engagement and significant booth traffic.
  • Secured more than 100 media hits in less than five months with an audience of over 75 million. Coverage was across all meaningful platforms including social, print, broadcast and radio, for both TOUR B and MINDSET.
  • Increased the association between the brand, Bridgestone Golf, and its world-famous Tour Players Tiger Woods and Jason Day.
  • Sparked more opportunities to promote Bridgestone Golf president Dan Murphy as a significant voice in the golf industry, yielding dozens of media appearances and interviews.