Capitalizing on Influence: The Benefits of Incorporating Influencers into your Brand’s Marketing Strategy

More than ever before, people with purchasing power, especially Millennials and Gen Z, largely
trust influencers to provide brand and product education and recommendations (some
research examples below). Because of this, strategic communication professionals increasingly
dedicate marketing dollars to influencer marketing1 , with as much as a 1300%+ market size
increase since 20162 . What influencers do that traditional marketing rarely can is capitalize on
the trust and parasocial relationships – or one-sided relationships – that have been built over

Because influencers are experts in their industry and typically seem trustworthy, they have an
extraordinary ability to win over highly-targeted audience segments. Brands can tap into that
rich reservoir by partnering with influencers, thus avoiding additional mining or expensive
marketing with high levels of waste.

Influencers can help you reach your goals!

At JDPR, we have managed various influencer programs engaging macro- and micro-influencers
and industry experts in categories ranging from travel, food and music to special needs
parenting to power tools, outdoor power equipment and landscaping. In our years of
experience, we have seen our clients benefit from partnering with influencers by reaching their
target audience(s), increasing their brand exposure and building overall trust. 

  1. Reaching Target Audiences: One of the biggest draws of influencer marketing is gaining
    access to an influencer’s highly-curated, target-rich audience built of people with similar
    mindsets, goals and lifestyles. Though other outlets can also offer access to niche
    audiences, influencers have the added benefit of audience buy-in and content
    personalization. By working with an influencer who has a dedicated following and who
    engages with your brand authentically, there is less waste and a more genuine connection
    with your target audience. 
  2. Increasing Brand Exposure: Aside from reaching target audiences, increasing exposure is
    often a goal for both new and existing brands. Including influencers in your marketing
    strategy can help expand your existing audience and introduce your brand to people who
    are already positively engaging with similar content and products. Consumers will watch
    videos, like photos or read blogs about their favorite influencer interacting with your brand
    and, in turn, be more inclined to click a link leading directly to your website. This type of
    exposure and engagement can not only increase the traffic to your owned channels but also
    increase your brand’s search engine optimization, or SEO.
  3. Building Trust: Trust is integral for any brand’s success. According to the 2023 Edelman
    Trust Barometer Special Report, 88% of consumers feel that trust is an important
    consideration when buying a brand3 . Furthermore, the same report describes the Trust
    Loop (p. 21), which explains that brand action reinforced by communications – like
    influencer engagement – builds trust which drives growth, purchase, advocacy and loyalty.

As mentioned, influencers already carry a level of trust with their audience. Building
genuine and positive relationships with like-minded influencers increases your brand’s
credibility, reinforces your brand’s value and relatability, and deepens brand trust.
Influencer marketing is a great tool to have in your belt, especially as the media landscape
continues to evolve. As one tactic part of a broader strategic plan, influencer marketing is an
innovative way to reach new communities, increase your overall exposure and build additional
brand trust. At JDPR, we familiarize ourselves with the marketplace by following trends, seeking
out key players and tapping into our influencer network to build tailored marketing strategies
to help our clients stand out and reach their specific goals.

In a world where how we choose to live our lives is trending, JDPR can implement tools to help your brand remain timeless. To learn more about how we can utilize influencer marketing to meet your company’s specific needs, reach out to us at or give us a call at (864) 233-3776.

Research Studies about Influencer Marketing and Trust

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