Social Media: 3 Ways Social Media Can Help Your Business

The rapid expansion of social media platforms has changed the way people meet, interact, access information, receive news, and share their messages. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and even TikTok have helped companies get their brand out into the world.    Managing a successful social media account is not an easy task – there.

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Press Releases: How to capture the media’s attention

Your company is preparing for an innovative product launch, and you’ve decided that a press release is the best way to reach your target audience. Unfortunately, thousands of other companies had the exact same idea. Your target media are bombarded with news releases just like yours every day, so how do you make sure.

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Online Reputation: What to do When Your Company’s Reputation Doesn’t Shine Online

by: The JDPR Team Your company has built a strong reputation in its industry. It’s a regional powerhouse with national ambitions. The company is growing, and with COVID tapering, it’s now ready to double down and expand. But there’s a problem, and it starts with “www.” Your online reputation doesn’t reflect the great things.

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Exceeding Expectations: The Foundation of Successful Client Service

By: Jeff Dezen I once had a client tell me: “You guys treat me like I am the only client you have, and I know that you service a large portfolio of clients.” What could be more satisfying! Of course, anyone in the service business — especially the creative services business — understands that.

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